Across marketing, sales, commerce, and services, we help our clients better understand the people who matter most to them, re-invigorate how they engage with them, build brand love, and continuously experiment and innovate. With insights into your customers’ wants and needs, we create experiences and innovative solutions that surpass their expectations.

Unlock the Value

We help our clients provide compelling experiences across the entire lifecycle, research to recommend. To create real value for our clients, we incorporate our core business, design, and technology principles into all that we do.

Improving Member Experience

A leading Health Insurer serving more than 8.5 million people sought to revolutionize the way members interact with their health plans.

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Mobile Member Engagement

A leading Healthcare company required a mobile plan branded application for both Apple and Android stores.

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Veterinary E-Learning

A leading producer of medicines and vaccinations could not adequately leverage their investment in continuing medical education.

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Matthew Bernardini ( Partner )

Matt is a Partner at LiquidHub where he leads the marketing solutions team. His team provides services that help acquire, engage, and retain customers for our clients. He has held leadership positions in marketing, business management, technology, research, and development. 

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